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Electrical Engineering Students' Association(EESA)



Board of EESA :   2013  ||   2014(New) 

EESA along with its members is always on its toes to justify its vision & mission to the purity of its words. This year we aim and plan to cross previous well achieved records and merits with proper management for the benefit of the mass.

We would carry the previous activities with even better execution and add on new ones. The activities include weekly personality development camps, monthly tests, club meets, industrial visits, guest lectures, sports activities, technical and cultural fiestas.


From HOD’s Desk

SGGSIE&T provides a great platform for the imancipation of various clubs in each genre ,one amongst the best is EESA (Electrical Engineering Students Association). The Electrical Engineering Department is a newly formed branch in our institute. it stands on the cusp of new beginning which will serve as a pioneer for the progress of the uprising electrical engineers .The expert faculties always tend to boost the students to make their footprints in this challenging world and EESA has been sculpted by having the similar moto to build a base for the budding electrical engineers. EESA organises an event named ELECTRIZION under the technical event of the institute called PRAGYAA for securing the wisdom and innovative ideas of the trical maniacs. The students also strive to conduct various programmes like industrial visits and expert guest lectures.

     Being the HOD, I try to boost and motivate the active students for the right vision. The department will always serve as the backbone to build a strong portfolio of EESA and its members. 

Dr. R. H. Chile

                                                                                    HOD, Electrical Engg.

 From Faculty Co-ordinator's Desk

EESA is a dynamic and all round forum through which students of electrical engineering can foster their talent leading to their overall development. EESA actively organizes expert lectures and personality development programmes by inviting eminent personalities from the industries and institutes of repute. It also conducts regular aptitude and technical tests to keep the students prepared for various competitive examinations. The association arranges field visits for the students to various prominent industries to reinforce the theoretical knowledge.

        EESA is one of the most active students association, which not only concentrates on technical activities but also helps to improve the students’ participation in co-curricular as well as extracurricular activities.  Thus, it helps the students in developing various facet of their personalities to blossom as complete individuals.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Mr. M. K. Patil

                                                                                                EESA ,Faculty Co-ordinator

President's Address

Our college includes various groups for enhancement of the students skills in all fields and EESA is one such newly formed active association of electrical engineering students'. Being the president I try my best to inculcate good laws and ethics for the betterment of the club.

We togetherly as a team foster the new opportunities in order to encourage the electrical engineers for creating their portfolio. The committee organizes various programmes such as expert lectures, club meets to improve the personality of the students, industrial visits to develope their practical approach, aptitude tests, creativity along with the sports etc.

            Being the president I demand the active participation of all the students and try my best to bound all the members together.


EESA is divided into following eight committiees......

1. Industrial Visit

2. Creativity and Enhancement

3. Soft Skills

4. Guest Lectures

5. EESA Magazine

6. Sports Club

7. Music Club

8. Training and Placement